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Quality Policy

GROUP LEVEL has a proven experience in the telecommunications and security sectors.

GROUP LEVEL has ideal facilities for the conduct of our business, with highly qualified and specialized personnel and with a level of professionalism that allows us to provide satisfaction to our customers in the provided services, reliability of results, independence of judgment and integrity of benefits.

  • Ensure the competence of all personnel providing adequate information and training to our staff.
  • Find out our customers’ needs and their requirements and expectations.
  • Ensure the reliability of the results rigorously planning our daily work.
  • Promote environmental awareness to our employees, customers, partners and suppliers by establishing environmental practices, training and informing for the reduction of energy costs and the management of environmental waste, all aimed to improve environmental.
  • Adopt the measures needed to prevent and reduce the waste that our activity measures may cause.
  • Make sure, at all times, that the current legislation and regulations that apply to us are fulfilled, as well as, the requirements that the company subscribes for the purpose.
  • Establish and regularly review objectives, in line with the commitments assumed in this statement.